Helpful Tips for Travelling

Helpful Tips for Travelling

We live in a great big world that is just begging to be explored. But you cannot just ‘up sticks’ and go. Travelling takes a bit of planning and some helpful tips would not go amiss. So here are our top eight tips for travelling:

1. Pack light -you do not want to be lugging a mass of luggage about. Try and get your packing down to the essentials, knowing what you will need. Get it all down to hand luggage or better still get in all in a rucksack. This will make your travelling cheaper as it will cut down on airport costs. It will also be a lot easier for you to manage.

2. Absorb the language and culture – if it is foreign parts you are endeavouring to go to then, at the very least, learn the lingo. Buy a good language pack or use an app such as Memrise. These cover all languages (ancient and modern) and are a good asset for travelling. Also, talk to locals, not only to practice your language skills, but to take in the culture.

3. Know the climate and dress for it – it is important to do a bit of research before you set off to the airport. Plan your trip by knowing as much as you can, especially with climate. You do not want to unprepared. Is it a rainy season where you are going? Is it tropical? Gather as much information as you can.

4. Plan your time well but be ready to expect the unexpected – if you know what you want to see and do, and there’s a lot to see, then plan everything. Travel, time spent in a place, and costs all go towards making the trip as smooth as possible However, do plan to expect the unexpected. Things change, activities can be shut at a moments notice. Just keep an open mind and do not be so rigid in your planning.

5. Try and keep costs down and stretch your money – the whole area of financial planning for travelling can be a nightmare and suck the joy out of your trip. So remember to:

◦ Budget well and try as much free stuff as possible. A walk costs nothing.
◦ Carry only small amounts of cash. The more you carry, the more tempted you are to spend. It is also safer.
◦ Carry cards and know where cash machines are located.
◦ Tell your bank you are travelling otherwise your foreign transactions may be taken as fraud.

6. Get the best deals you can on hotels – on another financial related matter, try and get the best deals. Use sites such as Trivago to search for the best deal. It will give you more money to play with in the long run.

7. Don’t travel without insurance – it does not matter where you are going or how safe you believe it to be, insurance is a necessity. Do not think you can shave off costs by ignoring insurance. You may pay more severely later on.

8. Travel does not have to be far – wherever you live, there is always an opportunity to travel. Do not forget what is on your own doorstep. Go and explore. There may be places you have still yet to discover.

Travelling is fun and extremely rewarding. Your world awaits and with these tips you can head off in confidence.